Skin Concerns

Dr. Kongsiri is pleased to provide full service dermatology care, treating all aspects of skin disease and all ages of patients.

Skin exams, treatment of precancerous and cancerous lesions, management of acne, eczema, hair and nail diseases, and psoriasis are all within the scope of our daily practice at Visage Dermatology. We will work in concert with your other healthcare providers to integrate our plan and treatment regimen into your overall healthcare strategy.

We have a wide range of therapeutic choices to offer our patients, from topical medication to systemic immune suppressants, as well as newer biologic agents.

  • Mole Removal

    Mole Removal

    Moles can appear anywhere on the skin. Moles develop on the scalp, between the fingers and toes, on the soles and palms, and even under the nails....

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  • Rosacea


    Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition which principally affects the face. There are four components to rosacea: flushing/persistent redness, blood vessels, pimples, and thickened skin tissue....

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  • Cyst


    A cyst is a fluid-filled lump that forms in the deeper layers of skin when a hair follicle becomes blocked. They can be uncomfortable and unsightly but...

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  • Rashes


    A rash is a change in the skin’s color or texture. Simple rashes are called dermatitis, which means the skin is inflamed or swollen. Other common rashes...

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  • Eczema


    Eczema is a term used to describe a group of inflamed skin conditions that result in chronic itchy rashes. About 15 million people in the U.S. suffer...

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