CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body. No needles, no special diets, no supplements, no surgery. And most importantly, no downtime! Developed by scientists from Harvard University, the CoolSculpting procedure relies on a proven, proprietary process called Cryolipolysis® that freezes unwanted fat cells, effectively destroying them without harming the skin or nearby tissues, as liposuction does.

CoolSculpting's unique technology uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The procedure is FDA-cleared, safe and effective. The results are lasting and undeniable. A single treatment can reduce fat by up to 20% in the treated area. With a variety of applicator heads, we can treat "pinchable" bulges of fat around the midsection and flanks ("muffin tops" and "love handles") as the panels go to work, you initially feel a sensation of intense cold. This soon dissipates, and the area begins to feel numb. The procedure does not require anesthesia or pain medications, and most describe it as quite comfortable. By the end of the treatment, your fat cells crystallize without affecting your surface skin tissue.

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Unlike a lot of other procedures, CoolSculpting takes very little time and is pretty simple to fit into your daily life. After your CoolSculpting treatment you can typically get right back to your busy day. Each treatment lasts one hour – the same time you might spend at the gym. So you can easily fit your appointment into a lunch break. You may experience post-procedure redness, minor bruising, tingling, or numbness in the treated area, but these conditions are temporary.

So after a few months, the crystallized fat cells break down and are naturally flushed from your body. Once the fat cells are gone for good and your clothes will fit better and you will look better. What’s more, there are no pills or supplements. And as long as you maintain your normal diet and exercise, your long-term results should remain stable. How cool is that? Answers to frequently asked questions.

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